Game of Thrones – It Should End Like This

Spoiler alert! If you have not watched the series, but plan to do so, read no further.

Now that I have dispensed with that triviality...

The last several weeks I have managed to binge the series, catching up last week. Having acquired the opportunity to watch the series finale along with the rest of the planet, the question remains:

How will this mess end?

With the Lannister power couple, Cersei and Jaime buried under 72 feet of rubble, the Throne is vacant and ready for its next claimant. The obvious direction being Daenerys and her fire-vomiting Pterodactyl ascending to what she feels is her birthright. Jon Snow will retire northward, and all will live not-so-happily ever after.

Another scenario that seems to be gaining traction has the main characters settling on a new democracy. This would not surprise me, but it is far too sappy IMO after the swath of bloodletting that the series has unleashed upon the viewing public.


Does the fact that Daenerys’ rage got the best of her as she decided to lay waste to King’s Landing alter her alliances?


Here is what I would like to see. Mind you, this is a quick take, but you’ll get the twisted idea. 
Daenerys does in fact convince the remaining power brokers that she will rule in the best interest of the people. The Starks depart for the north, and Tyrion remains as Daenerys’ hand. Little do we know, the remaining Lannister is now a bit upset with his Queen, feeling that she unnecessarily slaughtered the innocent residents of King’s Landing, as well as terminating his kin. Her credibility has evaporated in his eyes and set his anger ablaze (pun intended). In the final scene, picture Tyrion seizing an opportunity to alter the blood flow in Daenerys’ neck while she sits on the hallowed Throne. He then manages to shove the bleeding body to the floor, taking a seat on the Throne.

As the camera pulls away slowly, Tyrion reminds us, as we’ve heard endlessly over the years, that “a Lannister always pays his debts.”  Fade to black as we hear his delightfully evil laughter in the hall.

Just sayin…