The Great Vodka Mystery

Bulk retail chain Costco has sold branded goods under the Kirkland Signature label for quite some time. The quality of these items has generally been good, as I have sampled a few of them from time to time.

Many moons ago one of my neighbors (thanks Margie), knowing that I enjoy a vodka martini on occasion, mentioned that Costco had their own branded vodka and that it was supposed to be very good. Costco had a blurb in their September 2006 Costco Connection publication discussing this spirit.

Here is where the story gets interesting, as there seems to be a bit of secrecy attached to the origin of this vodka. I have heard several renditions from different friends, acquaintances or Costco employees. The most common tale is that this is actually Grey Goose vodka and simply relabeled. I find this highly unlikely, but… Other renditions are that it is made with an identical distillation process, or that it is made from the same wheat and water sources. Still others claim that it just tastes better.

If anybody out there can verify the actual source, please let me know. I will conduct a blind taste test with the Kirkland and Grey Goose in the near future and let you know the results…