Hard Rock – Recycling Can Be Good

The music business can never be described as static. Careers come and go, musicians switch bands, record labels rise and fall… Nothing is truly set in stone.

I mention this today as I am talking about a couple of bands in the hard rock genre formed by members from other successful groups. This “recycling” of musicians can be a good thing!

The first band is Alter Bridge, formed by three members from Creed and the addition of vocalist Myles Kennedy. Their first album, One Day Remains, still felt very Creed-esque, but the newly released follow-up Blackbird shows the band to be developing a bit of their own style and the Connoisseur approves. Guitarist Mark Tremonti does some very impressive work here.

The next recycled band I’m going to mention today is Another Animal, formed by members of Godsmack, Dropbox and Ugly Kid Joe. Their self-titled debut album is very solid, with the single Broken Again garnering significant radio buzz.

For fans of the hard rock genre, both albums are worth a listen. Let us know if recycling works for you.