The Music Lover’s Home Theater Receiver

Many people I speak with regarding home theater gear express a concern over stereo music quality. Sure they watch the occasional epic cinema event, but more often like to relax with a nice CD playing and want it to sound gooooood…!

At that moment I point them north, to a Canadian company called NAD (originally New Acoustic Dimension). In business for some 35 years, NAD has always been dedicated to a more linear, understated design philosophy as well as innovative engineering in their power and amplification modules. This has resulted in a certain elegance in their sound as well as in the aesthetics and user friendliness of their products.

NAD has just released their latest line of receivers, the T785, T775 and T765. All three models include the latest “must have” features such as HDMI 1.3 switching and auto calibration and equalization from Audyssey. They even have clever modular construction, permitting upgradability by NAD for future technology changes.

Of course these products cost more than your garden variety, mass-produced, “see them in every store” receivers, but the Connoisseur believes them to be well worth that premium. As always, let your ears decide, but we give them a Connoisseur Recommended rating..!