Where’s my Santoku..?

The santoku is an all-purpose kitchen knife developed in Japan as an alternative to the standard chef’s knife. These have been gaining in popularity recently and can be seen used by several chefs on television.

Loosely translated as “three things” in reference to their multipurpose slicing, dicing and mincing abilities, santoku knives generally range from 5” to 7”. Originally designed for working with vegetables, fish and boneless meats… hey, did I mention these are multipurpose?

If you do serious work in the kitchen, the connoisseur recommends having both a 6-7” santoku and an 8” chef’s knife. Only with time and extensive use, will you develop a preference.

Some of our recommended santoku manufacturers are Shun, Wusthof and Misono. As always, if you have any questions feel free to comment or to email us at info@connoisseurcorner.com.

Happy slicing..!

…and dicing, and mincing..!


Great post - and I so agree with you! These type of knives are definitely the way to go.......I have many of the Wusthoff knives and can't imagine what I ever did without them!

Many thanks, Steve. Great knives are probably the most valuable tool in the kitchen, to be sure. I have been very pleased with the Wusthoff as well - I feel they are the best "all-around" manufacturer.