Gran Centenario – Un Gran Tequilla

As I recently discussed, Cinco de Mayo is almost upon us. The annual ritual of celebrating all things Mexican… the culture, the food, the TEQUILA..!

Yes it’s true! This time of year my mind is running in fields of blue agave.

Tequila popularity certainly seems to be on a roll these days. Unfortunately the variety on the market can be a bit overwhelming, as there are now over 700 distilleries in Mexico producing the spirit. Fear not, ye tequila swilling neophytes, the Connoisseur is here to guide you along the path to excellence!

With that thought in mind, let me introduce you to Gran Centenario.

With roots dating back to 1857, a tavern owner by the name of Lazaro Gallardo came up with a process of distilling and then blending rested tequila called Selección Suave, which is still used at the distillery today. In the late 1800s, Lazaro named his tequila Gran Centenario in commemoration of the upcoming new century and began sales at his tavern, and the nombre stuck. Several years later, Lazaro’s son began to bottle and distribute the tequila.

The result of all this history and methodology is what we consider one of the finest tequilas in existence. An extra touch of smoothness and complexity permeate the entire lineup, from the Plata (silver), to the Reposado and then the Anéjo.

Then if you really want to savor something special, sample their newest product, Leyenda (pictured above). One of the first Extra Anéjo classified tequilas on the market, Leyenda is aged over 4 years in French oak barrels and married with portions of tequila up to 15 years in age. This results in one special taste experience, perfect for an after dinner snifter – Connoisseur Recommended!