Internet in your BMW..?


Beginning in Germany, and the rest of the world shortly thereafter, BMW will be offering a new package available for their cars called ConnectedDrive. The main ingredient of this package being full internet capability via BMW’s notorious iDrive navigation system and controller.

The link to the outside world will be via an EDGE mobile connection, and the system should integrate nicely with the navigation system, with the ability to copy in relevant information.

Why have car-web? (Or should we call it auto-web, wheel-web, mobile-web…the list goes on…)

Well, let’s face it. People seem to feel the need to be connected at all times, regardless of where you are. At home, at work, on the cell phone, and now even in the car. You’re not safe anywhere..!

Fortunately for other innocent drivers out there, you won’t be crashing your Bimmer while surfing for American Idol results, as it will only operate at speeds up to 3 mph. However, any rear seat DVD systems will be able to access the web at all speeds.

All the usual competitors – Audi, Mercedes-Benz, etc. – are so far claiming nothing similar is in the works. Give it time though, as the Connoisseur would expect to see a similar capability in all the high end marques within two years.