Jose Cuervo 250 - Ultra Premium

Does the name Jose Cuervo go with the term “ultra-premium”..?

It would be safe to say that this association is not normally made in the world of the tequila connoisseur. The Cuervo family has made a name, and a bit of a fortune, with lower priced mixing tequilas usually of the Gold variety – something used at parties to add to margarita mix for quantity consumption as opposed to quality.

Truth be told, the folks at Jose Cuervo do make some fine tequilas including the Tradicional, which is a nice reposado and their Platino, a highly rated silver tequila.

And did you also happen to know that the Cuervo family has been in the business for 10 generations? They go all the way back to November 2nd, 1758 when King Carlos of Spain granted a plot of land to Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo on which to cultivate agave.

And the reason for all this background..?

Let’s call it a 250th Anniversary..! When you have an epic date to celebrate, you mark it with a very special, limited-edition ultra-premium tequila.

Jose Cuervo 250 Anniversario.

The Cuervo family has been making Extra Anéjo premium tequila from blue agave planted on the very same land from that original 1758 land grant. These tequilas are blended from Cuervo’s best of the best in their reserve and aged for a minimum of three years in new American Oak barrels. For this occasion the master distiller selected the best of these Extra Anéjo tequilas, blended them together and further aged the final product in Sherry casks from Spain for 10 months. The end result is one fine tequila..!

The packaging befits the product, as each decanter comes in an elegant oak gift box and the bottle itself is etched sequentially to certify authenticity.

Price… $2,250