Monster Turbine PRO Audiophile Headphones

Let me make a quick correction here in regards to the title… Monster, the company famous for various cables and power accessories for your stereo and home theater, refers to these little gems as “in-ear speakers” as opposed to the more pedestrian “headphones”.


Point being that the folks at Monster are trying to differentiate these in-ear headphones from the plethora of ear-buds out there that everyone is connecting to their iPod. These are serious headphones designed for “serious audiophiles and audio professionals”.

While there are a substantial amount of audiophile headphones available, the greater majority are of the full-size over-the-ear variety. This is fine for sitting at home in your living room, but not conducive to mobility and convenience. Monster seems to be filling a niche here, and rather successfully so. These in-ear speakers do sound nice..!

Available in November, a set of the Turbine PROs will net you five pairs of eartips to ensure a proper fit, along with two carry cases and an unbeatable lifetime warranty, offering a one-time replacement even if you break them!

Give ‘em a listen and see if they make your ears smile…


How do they compare to noise cancelling headphones?

There are two types of noise cancelling headphones: Active - in which the headphones contain a noise cancelling circuit, and Passive - where the noise is physically blocked by the headphone/earplug. Most audiophiles would shy away from an "active" type, as the original signal coming from the music source is being manipulated, altering its original sound to some degree.

While these Monster in-ear headphones are not strictly advertised as "noise cancelling", they tend to do a good job of it courtesy of the included mulitple eartips - simply find which one provides the best fit and you are good to go...