Roll with Scosche’s Bluetooth iPad Keyboard

In the category of Cool Tech Toys…

Today’s winner is this little gem from Scosche.

The freeKEY is a portable wireless (via Bluetooth) keyboard designed to be paired with your iPad, smartphone or anything else that requires a keyboard and has Bluetooth connectivity. Supremely handy if your quantity of typing is off the charts – let’s face it, that covers almost everybody in this tech-crazy world.

The connectivity is top shelf, with a range up to 30 feet. Portability is perfect as this thing can literally roll up and go along for the ride. Reliability is even accounted for as the freeKEY is indeed water resistant. Come on now folks… I know how many of you spill your coffee on your keyboard..!

This is an excellent product and at $59.99 is a no brainer. Highly recommended..!

Let’s roll…