Samuel Adams Utopia…World’s Best Beer?

If you are dying of thirst and in the mood to quickly quaff an ice-cold brew, I suggest you look away. This beer is different.

One of a growing example of “extreme beers”, Samuel Adams Utopia is meant to be savored…


Boston Beer Company founder and master brewer Jim Koch first released Utopia to the world in 2002. Using specially prepared malt and noble hops, a laborious brewing process utilizing techniques from the whiskey and cognac world results in a rather un-beer type of beverage. The 2011 batch was aged in various bourbon, sherry, brandy and cognac casks, some of which rested for 16 years. The final result is a rich, complex and scrumptious beverage.

And at 27 percent alcohol by volume, this is serious stuff..!

The Utopia is of course a limited release product, as approximately 50 barrels are made per release. The 24 ounce handcrafted ceramic bottles are individually numbered for collection purposes. Famed glassmaker Riedel has even created a special glass for Utopia, to promote the ultimate tasting experience with a recommended 2 ounce pour.

Listing at $150 per bottle and with market prices often substantially higher due to limited availability, Utopia is well worth the effort and is one special beverage.