SRT Viper is the Star of the NY Auto Show

If you are a geek for hybrids, look away…
If you are all about high mileage fuel-sippers, cover your eyes…

If stealth transportation is your thing… fuhgedaboudit..!
Chrysler’s high-performance think tank, otherwise known as SRT, released their updated take on the slayer of all autos subtle and slow…            

The Viper!
Not a vehicle for the meek and timid, the hyper-aggressive icon was given a thorough redo, as the SRT folks took criticisms of the previous vehicle and made significant improvements.  Worry not, aficionados.  The Viper’s overall character has been maintained.

The 8.4 liter V-10 still lurks beneath the long hood, providing 640 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque in its current guise.  The transmission will be a 6-speed manual, with no automatic variants available.  Performance will be “hold on for dear life” fantastic!
The exterior look maintains the Viper esthetic from previous generations, in updated form.  The interior follows suit with improved materials, better fit-and-finish as well as an updated infotainment system and performance monitors.  It makes for a more livable and modern environment worthy of SRT’s top of the line vehicle.

My best guess for pricing would be just under 100K.  Availability should begin the fourth quarter of this year.