Mélisse – L.A.’s Best Restaurant

Hungry?  Good… I’ve got just the place for you..!
Owner of two Michelin Stars and accolades from Zagat, Gayot and Forbes Travel Guide, Mélisse is a true standout of the California dining scene.  Chef/Owner Josiah Citrin has elevated this Santa Monica-based restaurant into the stratosphere.  Everything from Josiah’s work in the kitchen, to his customer service philosophy makes a dinner at Mélisse one to remember.

The food is prepared with French technique and California flair, making it at once elegant and comfortable.  The highlight is the ten-course tasting menu, available with wine pairing, which will delight even the most critical gourmand. 
Topping off the dining experience is the service provided by an unparalleled wait staff.  Chef Citrin recently explained to the folks at Forbes that a month-long training process is used to bring the servers up to speed. Cross training at all stations in the restaurant is used to give a full perspective of the workings of the business.  The staff even experience trips to the local farmer’s market for hand-selected ingredients. 

It all adds up to a seriously memorable meal..!  Whether you are a foodie looking for that next great experience, or looking for a way to mark a special occasion, put Mélisse at the top of your list.  You won’t be disappointed..!