Bugatti Chiron – Raising the Benchmark

When Ettore Bugatti founded his eponymous automobile company in 1909, he may not have seen this coming.  Yet his work creating high-performing, high-style cars laid the foundation for what we have here today. 

Move over Veyron…!

Let me take you back a few years, specifically 2005 and the introduction of the Bugatti Veyron.  Designed to be the ultimate production car, the Veyron came with a 16-cylinder engine mounted behind the driver, futuristic superhero styling, and a top speed well above 200 mph. 
Over the years, several manufacturers began producing supercars with performance nipping at the Veyron’s ultra-swift heels.  As expected, Bugatti decided to raise the bar a notch. 

Faster, more powerful, and truly spectacular in every sense of the word, the Chiron has arrived…!
Rolling in with an 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine producing 1,500 horsepower and 1,165 lb-ft of torque, there is nothing subtle here.  This car is meant to get you there NOW…!  Bugatti is quoting 0 – 60 mph in 2.4 seconds and 186 mph in under 15 ticks.  Top speed is computer limited to a face-melting 261 mph.

It will go faster…
The exterior carries forward some design queues from the Veyron, but includes several changes which ramp up the road presence even further.  All body panels are carbon fiber, and aerodynamics were of utmost importance sculpting the final form.  Wider and lower than the Veyron, the look is purposeful, exotic and stunning in the Bugatti way…!  Myriad exterior and interior color combinations are available, so you can be as gaudy or tasteful as you’d like, provided you pay the expected 2.6 million duckets.

That price is not a typo…
Bugatti’s current company line is that production will end at 500 copies, so exclusivity is guaranteed. 

Sell your Veyron now and place your order for the Chiron, the new benchmark…  The new ultimate…  The world’s best car…!