YG Acoustics Sonja XV – World’s Best Speaker?

The folks at YG Acoustics have gone totally bonkers…!

Not really, but they sure do know how to mark a milestone!  The Colorado-based speaker manufacturer, founded by one Yoav Geva, is celebrating their 15th anniversary.  What better way to do so than creating your ultimate statement, the best speaker you can engineer, no holds barred!

Say hello to the Sonja XV   
(A wee bit more sizeable than their entry-level Carmel 2 in my article here…)

Four towers (two per side), twenty drivers, and 18 months of development time have yielded an impressive beast.  This was truly a cost-no-object program, with virtually all elements engineered and machined in-house.  Interestingly enough, the star of all this grandiosity may very well be the smallest element:  the tweeter!
Come on people!  It’s the small speaker producing the highest notes…

During the development process, the YG team came up with what they refer to as their BilletDome tweeter.  They describe it as their “most complex mechanical invention to date”.  While I have yet to hear the Sonja XV, some industry insiders are reporting jaw-dropping sound, largely due to this little gem!
Along with the tweeter, improvements were made in the bass, mid-bass and midrange drivers, as well as all crossovers.  As per YG Acoustics tradition, the cabinets themselves are over-engineered, leading to vanishing levels of vibration and mechanical loss.

Even the sight is impressive, in an industrial sort of way.  Each of the four towers stands 70” tall and scales at 463 pounds, give or take an ounce.
The best there is?  Quite possibly, but you will need to let your ears decide.  Impressive for sure, and well worth an audition if you are in the top-of-the-line market.

MSRP:  $265,900.00

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