Rolls-Royce Cullinan – Three Tons of Waft

Waft    verb      pass or cause to pass easily or gently through or as if through the air.

More on this linguistic tidbit in a moment. 

Rolls-Royce has been building cars for, what, a million years?  A bit more accurately, Henry Royce and Charles Rolls got things rolling (pun deliberately applied) in 1904.  Through superior engineering and manufacturing, they quickly gained a reputation for building the world’s best car. 

Over time, the RR luxo-barges became synonymous with success.  When you “made it”, you bought a Rolls-Royce.  The vehicles evolved over the years, but managed to maintain the lofty status first garnered back in the early 1900s.  The one missing link, however, was an SUV.

No longer…

The Cullinan, in its imposing 6100+ pounds of glory, was literally brought about by customer demand.  Make that “patrons”, as Rolls-Royce refers to its customers.  After all, these cars (and now SUVs) are often thought of as works of art.   

You can singularly specify your oversized rolling objet d’art with 32 different exterior paint colors, 21 hues of cow hide, eight options in the wood department, and seven varieties of wheels.  Let’s not forget the champagne fridge, whiskey decanter, or the glorious lambswool floor mats.  All manner of goodies can be had for the proper outlay of cheddar! 

The car tech stuff is certainly top notch here, as expected.  A team of nearly 300 engineers labored 3 years developing this beast.  They utilized fun things like air struts, three electronically controlled stabilizer bars, four-wheel steering and specially developed tires.  Combined with the flawless 12-cylinder engine, vault-like build quality and over 200 pounds of sound-deadening material, the Cullinan successfully provides that Rolls-Royce effortless propulsion, the famed “magic carpet ride”. 


At a base price of $327,600, you get the full Rolls-Royce experience in a roomy, imposing and, dare I say “utilitarian”, package?  Roller fans certainly won’t be disappointed.  Your luxury tank awaits!