BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo PAS

No, it doesn’t say “POS”..!

Progressive Activity Sedan

BMW has clearly decided that success in the car wars means being a niche builder (see the X6). With the unveiling of the 5-GT, BMW is trying to offer space, comfort, sportiness and utility without the stigma of a station wagon or minivan. At the same time could this be a shot at the rival Porsche Panamera?

We think so…

Now the question of public acceptance remains. The front half of the car gets high marks, with style cues taken from the CS concept (which has unfortunately been killed by BMW due to the world economy). Consider the look a foreshadow of the upcoming new 5-Series sedan. The rear of the 5-GT will surely be the most controversial aspect of the design, all in the name of “progressive activity”. Despite the large quantity of vitriol flying around the web from some bimmer-philes, we think the car will be accepted into the BMW fold and eventually sell in the quantities expected.

Engines and technology should mirror the new 5 as well, with a choice of an inline twin-turbo 6 cylinder or a twin-turbo V8 and a probable diesel alternative. The interior will be configurable for either 4 or 5 passengers, with a fold down second row for cargo capacity...that “utility” word again.

Price is expected to be set between the 5 and 7 series sedans.