Comfort Food – Latest Dine Out Trend

It is a certainty that the restaurant business is susceptible to trends. Especially in this economy as many establishments struggle to keep patrons coming in their doors. One movement that has been established for a while that I can appreciate is the use of “local” ingredients on a menu. I feel it adds a sense of place to a restaurant, as well as being a good business practice.

Recently anther buzz has come to the fore, fueled by the weak economy…comfort food.

After all, public morale is rather low. Why not offer some solace in a familiar plate of gourmet mac ‘n cheese or a fancified meat loaf. The effect here is two-fold… the familiarity of the food provides comfort and the food itself can oftentimes be cheaper to prepare, allowing establishments to offer more enticing price points to customers in penny-pinching mode.

Many eateries simply appear to supplement their menu with an item or four that meet this criteria. Others go full bore and fill an entire menu and make it a selling point. One recently visited establishment really seemed to get the blend “just right”, as Goldilocks would say…

Nobhill Tavern

Another in the growing empire of celebrity chef Michael Mina’s restaurants, Nobhill Tavern hits all the marks. A warm and inviting atmosphere, engaging and efficient staff and a menu with the right mix of comfort and gourmet. You can steer your evening meal in whichever direction suits your fancy. No doubt you will end up completely satisfied.

So the next time you are in the Mecca of Las Vegas, give Nobhill Tavern a try for a touch of comfort… Highly recommended!