Masa – World’s Best Green Tea

Green tea – one of the current “buzz items” if you will, in wellness circles, is becoming quite popular.

Originating in China, but now associated with many Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, green tea is thought to aid heart health and hinder certain forms of cancer. As with all beverages, a following has formed…the green tea connoisseurs walk among us!

On that note, let’s see if we can find what may be the best green tea extant.

Look no further than the Royal Blue Tea Company in Japan. While they also make flower tea and blue tea, their green tea is our focus today. Specifically we are going to talk about their Masa Super Premium. Not only is this tea supposed to be quite good, it is also rare. Royal Blue began taking orders recently for a production run of all of 36 bottles. They will ship in March of this year.

Each 750-ml bottle comes in a wooden box wrapped in a ceremonial cloth. Put your order in now before they are all spoken for. And don’t forget to write that check for ¥210,000..!