Yvette - Wilson Audio’s Newest Speaker Gem

The folks at one of my favorite speaker companies, Wilson Audio in Provo, Utah, are at it again!  They have been on a roll lately, debuting several new models in their sonic lineup.  (see the Sabrina and Alexandria blogs)  The latest is a replacement for the Sophia model, but there has been a name change…

Introducing Yvette!

The complete and utter reengineering of the Sophia called for the name change.  Daryl Wilson states on the company Facebook page that the speaker “...no longer was of Sophia DNA”.
Fine then…

It’s all good news for the audiophile and music loving crowd.  Using trickle-down technology from their Alexia and Alexx projects, Yvette is sure to perform in spectacular fashion.  Wilson Audio claims Yvette to be “the most advanced and musically refined single-enclosure loudspeaker in Wilson’s history.”  Of course your ears will be the judge...!
As for specification, Yvette is a 3-way speaker with a 1” tweeter, 7” midrange and 10” woofer filling out the low end.  Frequency Response is said to be +/- 3 dB from a low 20 Hz (hello pipe organ) all the way up to 25 kHz.  The cabinet itself is comprised of Wilson’s proprietary X-Material and S-Material composites and each tower weighs in at 175 lbs and stands 41” tall.

Warning!  Don’t try to move these by yourself…!
With all of the improvements in enclosure technology, speaker construction and time coherency, the Yvette is sure to sound a cut above.  If you are in the market for a pair of transducers in the mid-20K range, these need to be on your audition list.  I don’t think your ears will be disappointed!

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