2019 Porsche Cayenne – World’s Best SUV...?

Those car fanatics residing in Stuttgart, Germany, otherwise known as Porsche engineers and designers, have brought forth the third generation of that larger-than-a-sports-car SUV, known as the Cayenne.

The bean counters at Porsche are watching this release closely, as the Cayenne has become the bread and butter of the company.  The SUV sells in comparatively high numbers and pads the bottom line, allowing those giddy engineers to build insanely good sports cars. 

How did they do…?
Visually the new Cayenne is a hit, albeit more evolution than revolution.  Longer, lower and wider, the proportions and silhouette read more “Porsche” to my eye.  Especially the rear of the ute, with subtle Panamera and 911 queues.  The interior has improved as well, echoing the design and technology of the recently updated Panamera.  Interior volume increases for occupants and luggage alike, with another 3 cubic feet of cargo volume. 

What about the go stuff…?
After all, this is a Porsche.  All Cayennes will come with an 8-speed auto box mated to a variety of powerplants.  A single-turbo V-6 with 340 ponies gets the party started, with a twin-turbo V-6 a step up the ladder putting out 440 horsepower.  The edge of insanity arrives one more rung up said ladder with a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 pounding out 550 asphalt-melting horses.  Hybrids will make a showing in the near future, with both V-6 and V-8 versions.  Two diesel engines have been developed, but Porsche appears to be undecided on their release, courtesy of the Audi diesel scandal.

As is de rigueur for all vehicles Porsche, technology bits are either present or available for a price.  Adjustable suspensions, carbon-ceramic brakes and all-wheel steering can be had if you write the check.  It all boils down to a highly capable sport utility vehicle.  Pricing starts at $65,700.00 and skyrockets from there, with the Turbo V-8 running a cool $124,600.00.

I say a job well done…!

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